Wednesday, October 8, 2008

SuperBooty Versus Skippy: My Column in SF Weekly Today

This turned out to be a fascinating story. Who knew?

You can find press about the history of the Skippy legal battle here. What ran as a short column in the SF Weekly could be a bigger story, I think....Check it out here.

The sad thing is: I really like both characters I interviewed. Mark O'Hara is a colorful, charismatic guy trying to make ends meet in the world. Among his other projects, he is starting a company to lease electric cars. Smart idea, since the cars require more maintenance, at first, than others. Hear his music here.

Joan Tibbetts is a classy woman, sharp as a tack, who went through the first depression and sees a lot of similarities to current times. Check her views at the afforementioned She owns the right to the site, not the peanut butter company.

They are both passionate about their subject. Tibbetts has spent years fighting for the Skippy name; O'Hara has been a touring and recording musician with a 15-piece band, in an era when that means a lot more work than money.

(Drawing: the original Skippy, courtesy

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