Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Radio Equalizer Owes KGO an Apology

Brian Maloney, the self-proclaimed "Radio Equalizer" predicted back in August that KGO would fall from its perch atop the San Francisco ratings heap this fall. He was wrong, according to the latest ratings.

I told you back then that he would be proven wrong.

This is the preliminary report from Arbitron,
by way of Radio-Ink, which shows that news stations were stronger than one could expect. KGO, KCBS and KQED were in the top four.

In a study of 18-34 local ratings show heavy listening to urban (read minority) stations, something that has provoked a battle in New York, where Attorney General Andrew Cuomo has claimed that minority stations were being treated unfairly in the new ratings system.

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Neil said...

First off, you're welcome (for the pointer to the PPM ratings on Radio-Ink).

Second, your link to the "top 10" list of 18-34 stations isn't pointing to that, but to the other Radio Ink page [I think] I pointed out to you, the one with the average weekly cume numbers. This list is not 18-34, but all listeners ages 6 [sic] and up. (Yes, they're now surveying everyone who's made it through kindergarten.) I pointed you to a thread on ba.broadcast on Usenet, via Google Groups, where someone had listed the top 10 18-34, of which KMEL was #1. (Though I can't vouch for that poster's accuracy.)

One other thing. Check your item about KBAY, I suspect it's not displaying as you had intended. That or it's missing some introductory comments.

...Neil (nweiser@gmail.com)