Saturday, October 4, 2008

Leo Laporte on the Computer is Better than on the Radio

I'm at this morning, watching Leo Laporte, "The Tech Guy," tape calls for his weekend radio show, which I usually tune in.

But why listen, when I can watch at my leisure and hear all the calls, not just the ones that make the show. Plus, his feeds during the commercials are funny. You see him in his studio, eating brown rice sushi and getting a feel for what the show is REALLY like.

Also: he's taping his December 27 Segment 2 right now...amazing that I'm watching it three months early.

He's on 40 hours a week doing tech talk, on the web. I can't hear it in my car, but while I'm doing chores around the house, it's awesome. You can also twitter him during the show and get a response.

The web is becoming more and more competitive with commercial radio, and it's got to be frightening. It's a matter, though, of making it a habit. I forget to tune in a lot of my favorites on the computer, but always remember in the car.

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