Thursday, October 30, 2008

KGO (Yawn) Announces Solar Powered Transmitter

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San Francisco Number One rated talk station KGO-AM (810) had a big announcement today that left me less than thrilled.

They hyped it in ads, saying that it would come at 10:30 on 10/30...and the radio boards were abuzz with speculation.

Over at ba.broadcast, "experts" claimed that they were announcing who would be the new 10 p.m. host, the slot that has been fought over for the better part of a year, since embarrassingly vacated by Bernie Ward.

One claimed that Karel has bought a house in the Bay Area, so it would be him (a call to Karel proved that one false).

Another claimed that Alex Bennett, who was celebrated along with Mickey Luckoff by the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame, would get the show. (ha. no way).

Still another claimed that his sources knew that KGO would open an FM signal.

(All these so-called experts "swearing" they knew the truth, tells you why reporting on the Internet can be so...shall we say...dubious?..and why traditional methods of fact-checking, sourcing and not reporting something until it is confirmed still are needed in our instant gratification culture.)

The speculation was a lot more interesting than the result.

At 10:30 House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, a guest on the Ronn Owens show, tripped the switch that opened up the connection to a solar-powered unit, partly sending electricity to a transmitter. Great. Whatever. Good for them. It meant a whole lot more to the station than to the listeners.

Bravo. Anything solar is ok by me, but why waste self-congratulating airtime on it.

If I were them, I'd be a lot more worried about KCBS's announcement that it has put news on FM. What does that mean? That the news station may finally bump KGO off the top ratings slot, by combining ratings from the FM and AM. It will cut into the bottom line, which is the bottom line for the folks at Citadel, and the ad rates it can charge.

A little quote from Jack Swanson, KGO program director, today. He is going over the new People Meter figures, which can not only tell him who gets the highest ratings, but what listeners tune into when they push the button away from KGO.

"It's like we now have the Hubble telescope focusing on planets, instead of a telescope under cloud cover. We can see so much more."

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Anonymous said...

I believe what all the experts fell
prey to was "Viral Marketing"

Do a few announcments, and let the internet experts do the rest.

Well Done KGO!

Most of the "So Called" experts on those broadcast internet sites tend to be in the wannabe catagory. There are a few who know what they are talking about, but they tend to be in the industry (as in employed) BUT most are just "playing Radio"

Lets Review: Here are what the liners said on KGO.

A bright star on the horizon...
The Sun (it is a star)

Somthing illuminating...
The Sun

KGO Never said it was a Major Announcement...The Web Wenies said that...also that they were going to FM.


KCBS is on FM because KFRC was a failure, Helped along by the inept
management of CBS/SF. I thought that they would move KCBS to FM when that Crap Pile called free FM was dumped. They just don't seem to have any ideas on Battery Street.

KCBS desperatly wants to beat KGO in the ratings,Their "KPIX Blues Band" even has a song about it, It's great by the way, Sugarman
wrote it.

So if it takes KCBS 2 stations to do that, It's still a win. Best of luck to KCBS

What KCBS should invest in though is some quality managment. The end of KFRC means that CBS saves the cost of an entire staff...Replaced by the cost of a Patch Cord in an
equipment rack.

That's Cost Effective, but it's not

very creative radio!