Tuesday, October 7, 2008

KBAY Cuts Traffic Reports

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KBAY Cuts Traffic Reports: Says Listeners Don't Want Them.

courtesy Kbay
In answer to a reader here, KBAY (94.5) general manager John Leathers says the easy listening music station has cut traffic reports during its popular Sam and Lissa Morning Show, not because of costs, but because that's what listeners want.

Says Leathers:

We felt traffic reports were not a core reason our listeners were either tuning into us or staying with KBAY

· Although people certainly may have “appreciated” the occasional traffic report, statistics show most people in Silicon Valley in 2008 get their traffic info from sources other than a “music focused” station like KBAY (Handhelds, In car services like Navteq, online, stations that do traffic every 5 minutes, etc.)

· Had there been no other viable source(s) for South Bay traffic, we would not have considered such a move. As such, there are NUMEROUS/COUNTLESS sources for South bay traffic as it is

· As such, we wanted to devote the bulk of our morning airtime to the things an overwhelmingly majority of our listeners told us were important: music, the chemistry/interplay between Sam and Lissa, Sam and Lissa’s phone interaction with listeners, etc.

· We believe eliminating the relatively few traffic reports we did every morning helps us broadcast a better morning show.

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