Monday, October 20, 2008

Ben Fong-Torres Says Goodbye to KFRC

KFRC-FM (106.9) really had a great style for oldies, with some big name local talents, including Ben Fong-Torres, the former Rolling Stone editor and current SF Chron radio columnist.

He dropped me a sad note:

"If you haven't heard: CBS Radio just announced that KFRC is being replaced with the programming on KCBS; at a meeting this morning, KFRC staffers were told the station is over as of today. Since then, it's been just music, liners & commercials. Dave Sholin, Celeste Perry, Sue Hall, Jay Coffey, Dean Goss (fill-in/weekender)--all gone.

CBS is saying they'll keep the KFRC call letters on FM and run KFRC music online and on the HD-2 channel linked to 106.9. Up to now, it'd been the opposite. KFRC was on HD-1, KCBS on HD-2.

oh--needless to say, my show, Backstage, is out the rear door. 52 shows, 100 or so hours (there were some repeats); absolute fun. That's what radio is: fun and heartaches."



Ben Fong-Torres


KFRC Death Rattle said...

Ben time to give up radio. Print is your gig. Radio and you mix like fire and water.
What did BF-Torres sound Like on the radio?
That Station was Evil Like a Level Of Dante's Inferno.
BF Torres
Casey Kasem
You Suck ....

Anonymous said...

Ok, so in order to find an oldies station in the Bay Area, you need an HD radio, Sattelite XM or listen on the internet. All of which involve a fee of some sort. Radio is not free anymore. At the same time, I am tired of finding a format I like only to have it switched as soon as I think it'll be around for awhile. The situation won't change as long as there's a major corporate owner like CBS that only cares about whatever the findings of a carefully controlled focus group told them about having the right format for the most profitable marketing demographic.

KFRC Death rattles idiotic prose was pointless and asinine. Comparing radio personalities to murdering dictators takes the cake for deranged remarks.

The Fly Hahah Death Rattle said...

Hey Brad, Ben Or Anonymous
You admit listening to that crap of a station .?Wow !!and yes the Dante's Inferno is right on target.

KFRC Death rattles idiotic prose was pointless and asinine. Comparing radio personalities to murdering dictators takes the cake for deranged remarks

I did not compare them .
Infact they are In The Many Levels Of Hell and you will join them someday.

Sorry Ben or X station Manager .I still say that station and format sucks. Ok
For the PC Cry baby

BF Torres
Casey Kasem

Trying to find an oldies station?
Now that is funny.

Loni Reeder said...

Brad... Good to find you here (I was looking for you last week at that 'San Jose news outlet' but alas, you were nowhere to be found). Yes, it's upsetting the way that radio AND newspapers have been taken hostage by corporate entities who are truly out of touch with the public in general... and both you and Ben are examples of the way to do it RIGHT! Last you and I spoke, we were chatting about Taylor Hicks. As of this writing, I'm the manager/publicist for KC and the Sunshine Band co-founder, Rick Finch. Rick was one of those 'awesome interviews' which Ben conducted over at KFRC. There is a market for great radio, both for talk and for the classics and the integral meshing of both... but the problem is, the people in charge have no forward thinking vision to understand how to place and market it. I see a window of opportunity here... how about you? Let's chat! Hope all is well on your end...........