Thursday, September 18, 2008

Michael Savage got it right

I have to say, the man I usually consider to be the slimiest on radio, got this one right. He posted a commentary from Air America on his Web site, and launched his own campaign supporting the work of Elliot Spitzer today.

I've always suspected that special interests took care of HE was the ONLY politician using expensive hookers? No way. But he was the one taking on fraud in banks and insurance companies, including AIG.

This great article points out how the Bush administration helped its friends in the banking industry, while avoiding at all costs bailouts for the home buyers who were steered to predatory loans.

And you should have heard Rush Limbaugh today, trying to blame the problem on the Clintons for forcing banks to abandon policies of not lending to minorites!!!! and going too far the other way and making them lend to minorities who couldn't pay the bills.

That blowhard is worse than Hurricane Ike.

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