Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Lipstick on a Horse's Ass

I was blissfully away from the electronic media for three days, perched with the best and the brightest entrepreneurs in the country, at the DEMO conference in San Diego. One of the 72 websites debuted was one that detected spin in the media,, an interesting application that looks at printed media, and supposedly sorts out words that indicate bias.

LIke we need a Web site to do that?? Just turn on the radio, as I did today. It's all spin, lies and videotape.

The lipstick on a pig quote was all I heard about, one of the dumbest chapters in a media world that seems to have no bottom.

For the record, you can see in this story, that the expression "lipstick on a pig" was used by Dick Cheney and John McCain (who used it about Hilary Clinton twice). You could also hear the quotes at "All Things Considered."

BUT what I heard disgustedly today was hosts playing Obama's comments out of context (in fact, his talk has NOTHING to do with Sarah Palin or any woman. He was referring to the Republican party trying to pass off the same old ideas and dressing them up.

Any media member who played that quote without the context before it is at best irresponsible, but more likely just a shill for the Republican party, which has its claws into the broadcast industry nearly 24/7 (and they once called it the liberal media).

Barack Obama called it what it was, another Republican out of context hit piece, like the Swift Boat campaign that turned John Kerry into a coward, and George W Bush, who hid from the Vietnam War, into the President.

Maybe KGO-AM's afternoon host Gil Gross said it best. With the new People Meter, which measures exactly what people are listening to, radio managers can tell that a conversation about the economy gets far fewer listeners than one about an out of context, inflammatory hit piece, like the pig comment.

Sadly, if he's right, we've become a country of horses asses...and no lipstick is going to fix that.

If only the Republicans could run a country as effectively as they run a smear campaign.

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