Saturday, September 13, 2008

Google Monopoly: About Time Someone Jumped on This

Here's a great NY Times column about Google's ad monopoly, and it's search to stretch it even further with a Yahoo deal. READ HERE.

The gist of it is that Google gives NO customer service and is arrogant when a customer tries to get help with Ad words or Ad sense or any of its businesses. I know. I've called and emailed to find out why this blog makes zero money, and been rebuffed.

I've been waiting for consumers to rise up and protest, and am glad to see it's happening finally. How about you? Have you cracked the Googleplex's walls and figured how to make your blog live up to the hype of creating riches...or anything??

In my dealings with the company that promises to do no wrong, I've found plenty that is bad. I hope the justice department hears plenty of complaints from others if they agree.

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