Friday, September 26, 2008

Dennis Erectus Needs Help

The great KOME-FM DJ Dennis Erectus has been hospitalized since having a heart attack almost two years ago, and his friends are trying to put together a collection of his great moments on the air to sell and help pay the bills.

They are asking fans to send any tapes of Dennis's old shows. Contact if you have some and can help out.

Erectus, was wild and crazier than Howard Stern in the 80s and his shows were like weird Goth plays. They were a highlight on the San Jose radio dial, and helped KOME become a nationally known station.

He was doing overnight engineering at KEZR-FM and was on his way to the station after Thanksgiving dinner, when he had a heart attack, collapsed alone, and lost oxygyn to his brain.

He is beloved in the San Jose and San Francisco radio markets.


Anonymous said...

I have a lot of Erecust material but I tried the email posted and my email bounced. could you please verify that this is the correct email? thanks

Anonymous said...

Thanks Brad!

I've already got some responses from your blog posting. We hope to have a Dennis CD out at the beginning of the year!

my e-mail address is :

Thanks to everyone helping out!

Jim Sheehan