Wednesday, August 13, 2008

One of the Jesus Twins shot by police

I always wondered what became of those obnoxious, over-the-top singers who appeared on Howard Stern's radio show in 1997 and deluged him with requests to put them on his movie soundtrack.

They were obnoxious, loud, pushy, cocky and entertaining. You loved them or hated them, not unlike Stern himself.

Turns out life didn't turn out well. One of the brothers, Eric, was shot by police last week in Los Angeles, in "suicide by cop," in which he pulled a gun and held it until police shot him. This was reported by the other twin, Jeff, who is now a dog trainer in Texas.

It's a sad end to the duo, who were so cocky, they turned down record offers looking for something bigger.

Hear their music here, at their myspace page.

Read the transcript of Jeff's appearance here, on Mark's Friggin Howard Stern summary.

Jeff said his brother suffered from manic depression, and they only found out about it after their show appearances in 1997. Almost anyone listening could have told him that. Those guys were either great actors, or sick pups.

Some aspiring psychiatry student should do a study of the rest of Stern's "wack pack" guests. There's plenty of illness to go around.

PS: I defy anyone to read through the entire transcript of one of the recent shows and tell me they are interesting. Meanwhile, they still haven't turned my Sirius off yet, and I was glad about hearing that segment. But reading these's sheer drudgery. Like I'm supposed to care if Sal gets invited to Howard's wedding?

It makes me wonder if he wasn't better on commercial airwaves, where he had enemies to bump against and stay on the air.

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