Monday, August 4, 2008

My liner notes discs are doing great

My biggest goal (yeah I think small) was to get listed in All Music Guide, the definitive website for musicians.

And I have, six times. See here.

But what's really cool is that the last three discs I wrote liner notes for are all charting pretty big right now.

See here.

Great to see that Jason Ricci is back on the blues charts. His never-ending tour is starting to pay off.

Also great to see that the Legendary R&B Revue will be playing the Bay Area, and Delta Groove artists are all over the San Francisco Blues Festival coming at the end of Sept.

See lineup here.

Many of the folks playing are the ones I saw in Mississippi last March and I HIGHLY recommend you check them out. Ruthie Foster will blow your mind and the All Star Revue is just that: a great collection of major talents, some you may hear for the first time (Mike Zito and Kirk Fletcher will blow your minds).

Also great to see that Delta Groove signed the 2 man wrecking crew, a group owner Rand Chortkoff saw playing for the first time on a truck bed in Clarksdale...and he got out the pen and paper immediately. I was there and they really were awesome. Their disc comes out Oct. 21...and will set the blues/rock world on fire. Think George Thoroughgood meets the White Stripes and Lightnin' Hopkins.....the real shit.

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