Friday, August 8, 2008

A good reason NOT to vote for McCain: his

Here's a pic on Michael Savage's website of the toad-like host with the Republican contender.

Savage, if you haven't been up on the news, is the one who recently claimed that Autism is a "made up disease." Savage claimed he was taken out of context, but you can hear the whole episode here and judge for yourself.

That move drew protests to radio stations....but the best way to get rid of a greedy host you don't like is to boycott the advertisers who sponsor his show and the products he owns.

Note the hat: Savage's son owns RockStar, the energy drink, and his family is on the board.

Tell your local stores they should carry the product, unless they support a man who says that women aren't smart enough to vote, that China should be nuked, that gays are destroying marriage. Read this profile to see some of these things, as well as the pornogaphic letters he wrote to Allen Ginsburg, wanting to put a camera in the writer's rectum.

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