Saturday, August 23, 2008

Cindy McCain abandons half sister, claiming to be an only child?

There's a great article in the New York Times today tracing Cindy McCain's wealth..a must read.

NeoCons are always talking about the "mainstream" media and what it leaves out. I'd like to hear just one of them bring up this McCain story, particularly the part about her abandoning her father's first daughter.

The relevance is that we're already hearing about Barack Obama's half brother in Africa living on $1 a day, as reported in Italian papers. The great irony here is that Cindy McCain similarly has avoided her half sister, even claiming at her father's funeral that she was an only child, while her half sister sat in a front pew.

Given the fact that Cindy represents most of McCain's earnings and seven homes, it is relevant.

And while we're at it, we hear nothing about John McCain having an affair with Cindy while he was married, and abandoning his first wife while she was ailing, ala John Edwards.

I can't decide if Obama should take the high road on this stuff, or do what his opponents do, and "Swift Boat" McCain: dig up the dirt on his family money, Cindy's father's mob connection (which reportedly had a journalist murdered) and his infidelities.

I heard KGO-AM evening host Gene Burns the other night claiming that Obama should avoid negative campaigning...but notice that McCain's numbers swelled after he started honing his negative chops in TV ads aired during the Olympics.

I'm afraid that's all that most of this country understands: name calling and ignorance, like some giant pro wresling match. How else can you explain the success of Karl Rove and GW?