Thursday, August 28, 2008

Bernie Ward found guilty: but where are the other 100 pornography viewers?

I heard the news of KGO host Bernie Ward's sentencing from a press release, sent out by the U.S. Justice Deparment...or a contractor it hired.

Prosecutors patted themselves on the backs, like stars or athletes, for ridding the streets of this danger to society, a man who viewed disgusting and illegal images of children in sexual and painful poses.

But where were the other 100 people in the investigation? Where were their prosecutions? Where were the backslapping prosecutors for the people he was emailing with?Where was the investigation of them?

This was political judicial grandstanding at its worst, selective prosecution.

And just as I am writing this, Christine Craft is saying the exact same thing on KGO-AM (810) radio.

Bravo Christine.

It's a disgusting, unfair show by our Justice Department. Unless, that is, I'm going to receive press releases from them for prosecutions of all of the other child pornography viewers.


mta_psych said...

In terms of societal impact (deterrence) the Feds get more bang from our tax buck by convicting one high profile individual than they do by convicting 100 unknowns. Could also be the vaqst ri

Anonymous said...

I don't imagine that Bernie Ward would have been caught had he not written the emails about his children, and sent the pictures to the woman in Oakdale. We don't have any information as to who the other 100 people are or their circumstance. If they are guilty of the same thing, then they should be equally prosecuted,and hopefully they will be. The problem with Christine Craft and several others is that they seem almost willing to excuse Ward's behavior by diminishing it as a "thought crime". By continually trafficking these images Ward and others help feed the sexual exploitation of children. It's another thing to fantasize about molesting children in your head, but when Ward and others take it a step further they are doing more than a "thought crime". Ward is getting what he deserves, and I too hope that the prosecution goes after the others.