Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Apple's Latest iPod Update Killing Car Players

I updated my iPod 160 gig classic last week, put it back in my car....and CRASH. My Pioneer F-BT90 no longer recognized it, would no longer charge it and got stuck in a loop that wouldn't let it play. Ever.

I took it to Lott's in Santa Cruz, where I bought the Pioneer, and they said a lot of people have been having the same problem since the update, no matter which stereo they bought, Kenwood, Alpine, Pioneer...

I'm seeing similar problems at avic411.com
Apparently the upgrade switched the way the iPod outputs worked with car stereo connectors, another in a series of Apple flubs this month, along with Mobile Me. This one made my iPod not mobile at all.

BUT: there was a happy ending.

I went to the Apple store in Los Gatos, because the same iPod wouldn't hold a charge. They gave me a new iPod with the old version of iTunes, and I'm back up and running. I would have gone out of my mind with frustration if it had happened any other way.

Two negatives made a positive.

I really love the iPod and the Pioneer. Nothing better than cruising Highway 17 and saying: "Play Radiohead," and having it play. Or telling it whom to call.

I feel like I own Kit, the Knight Rider car.

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