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Rush Limbaugh, told you SUV's were great and the war in Iraq was great

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Rush Limbaugh is the perfect example of why Reagonomics failed
POSTED July 7, 4:15 PM

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THE more I think about Sunday's New York Times profile of Rush Limbaugh, the more I see that he and his ilk are at the heart of America's problems today.

Here is a guy who has had mega millions of success, and what does he do with his money? He lives alone in a palacial 25,000 square foot mansion, with royal French trappings. He has five half a million dollar cars. He has a $50 million plane.

His idea of a trickle down economy is that he has been known to tip the commoners who serve him in restaurants as much as $5,000.

And he has no guilt for any of it. In fact, he'd tell you, this is what being successful in America means.

Frankly, it's disgusting and should be for anyone with a sense of history or conscience.

Limbaugh is a proud throwback to the days of conspicuous consumption, when robber barons lorded over the masses like monarchy.

Obviously in a capitalist society, he is among the greatest of achievers.

But let's compare him for a minute with two other successful capitalists: Bill Gates and Warren Buffett, two of the world's richest men, who have devoted a good part of their lives to using their fortunes to help others through a massive grant program.

These are men who understand that in true "trickle down" economics, you have to make sure that your money helps those who most need it. Limbaugh would say their philosophies reek of socialism, but even his hero Ronald Reagan assumed that those who had great wealth would use it to benefit society as a whole.

I don't think owning five $450,000 Maybecks or whatever obscene cars this lonely man drives, is the kind of economic stimulus Reagan was talking about. Then again, based on the breaks his and other Republican administrations have given the super rich, maybe it is.

Keep in mind, too, as you fill your gas pump these days, Limbaugh spent years championing SUV's and gas guzzlers as an American right, as a way to show that one has made it.

When I think about that, and his deafness, I realize that it's not only music that he can't hear, but he is dear to the voices and the lives of average Americans.

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Anonymous said...

Renel has no damned business being in the Bay Area Radio Hall of Fame, let alone being on radio at all.

I have never seen anyone with less talent stay in this market so long and we all know why. All she does is shout and laugh her head off at things that aren't funny.