Thursday, July 3, 2008

Classic Michael Savage

Savage today, proclaimng that his "freedom of speech" speech was the greatest speech about the topic since Thomas Paine said "Give me liberty or give me death."

Did any of the blatherheads who follow this blow hard pick up on it?

Patrick Henry uttered that line, not Thomas Paine.

And this guy, like the Bowery Boys' Slip Mahoney acts like he knows what he's talking about. Most of the time, it's snake oil. Lies and snake oil.

His freedom of speech speech, by the way, was a pompous blather that he gave when he received a freedom of speech award from Talkers Magazine, the mag's lowpoint. It was given because Savage, unlike some conservatives, had negative things to say about George Bush. It was really a pathetic move by Talker's publisher Michael Harrison.

Savage, who said he would attend the awards dinner, opted out at the last minute, sending instead a video speech, that he now sells on his website, more snake oil.

This guy's greed has no bounds. One of his former producers was talking to him while he ate cole slaw at the back of the Marina Safeway, and threw away the container without paying.

When the producer asked about paying for it, Savage said: "Why should I? They'll never know."

I suspect that's the same attitude he has about the $1 million he raised for the Paul Revere Society, before it had its tax exemption pulled.

Jerry Brown...where is the money, and why have you done nothing about holding his former nonprofit accountable???

"They'll never know...."

In a New York Times profile out this Sunday, Rush Limbaugh had this to say about the Seweage Nation host: "He's not even in my rear view mirror."

Rush was even better on Bill O'Lielly: "Ted Baxter. He's Ted Baxter."

I love it.

O'Reilly, by the way, was the favorite host of Mercury News former television writer Mike Antonucci. Birds of a feather.

Just a third of July rant.

Thanks. and have a happy fourth.


LJP said...

So now we know Michael Weiner only does it for the money.

davedeath2012 said...

OK, I just stumbled across your blog and feel I need to comment on your slight's against the Savage Nation.
1st) I have not heard the "Freedom of Speech" DVD but I do listen regularly to the radio show and he hardly ever plugs the dvd. When he does he is usually giving it away for free to a caller. Yeah he sells it at his web site, so fucking what!
2) You think Savage is, as you put it, the sewage nation! Give me a freaking break! With idoits like Stern, Mancow, Opie & Anthony your worried about Mike. What a man no longer has a right to be pissed off about everthing under the sun.
I supose your just tickled to death over: Globalism, NAFTA, Bush, The Federal Reserve, Religious Wars, The Patriot Act, Gas Prices, Republicrats & Democians (the right moves left and the left falls off the edge), McCain (neocon agenda), O'Bama (socialist agenda), Government Schools, Pharmaceutical Mafia, Food Labels, Sexualising of Children, the list goes on and on and on...
3) At least Mike isn't some damn cheerleader for New World Order, oops! I let the cat out of the bag. I'm one of those conspiracy theorist. Let's get it straight. When a crime is commited and there is evidence it not fucking therory.
4) I hope your getting a good laugh cause that's the way you've been conditioned to react to this kind of truth. After all UFO's don't excist, Multi-dimensional-universes don't excist, Quantum Physic's (bunk), Junk DNA, GOD, it's all a fairy tale, RIGHT!
5) As far as the snake oil business goes, that's everything under the sun, you twits! Almost every damn person is a sell out. After all were tought the liberal golden rule of, ME...ME...ME!

Well there it is , you had your July 3rd rant and now I've had my 21st Century Rant.
I'll end on a pleasant note.
be safe and love your neighbor, davedeath2012