Monday, July 7, 2008

Arbitron People Meter Explained

Here's my story in the SF Weekly, which, freelancers take note, pays very quickly and well.


Anonymous said...

Cool story Brad. Long live white boys who love their rock on the radio. All fun aside, can this save the mess that is commercial radio? Probably not, but one rock station would be nice. One that plays new rock and cool older songs that rock(not CCR or The Doors). How about , say KSJO? Yea, I'm still bitter. Wait, the station I just described is Buzzsaw 19 on Sirius.
P.S. Love SF Weekly, glad to see you there.

Anonymous said...

104.9 Old DJs live 105 copy Format.Bring the old washed up classic rock DJs Back..IE.That Station Killer - Sloppy Shmoe???
Every station he is on gets the kiss of death.104.9 You did The lame no DJ Try- Sucked. Now Old geezers trying to be hip to teens?
No wonder Live 105 owns you.
The Bone is a turd. KFox?Classic Rock is for my dad and uncle who some pot and drink and tell me about shitty music.

James said...

Well said dude, you are so smooth with words. You must be on the live 105 morning show. I agree that you need DJ's on a rock station, and sloppy might not be the best. But channel and the Bone together rule over KITS.