Sunday, June 29, 2008

My New Car Stereo Seriously Cuts into Radio Time

This is for my friends at AVIC 411 so you can see how this controversial unit works...It's gotten mixed reviews. Pioneer released a letter apologizing for the problems for "early adaptors," which is incredibly frustrating. When you pay more than $1,000 for a product, you expect it to work. These guys treat it like a website that is released before all facets are complete.

I don't buy it...But I did buy it. As you can see from my fairly lame video, the pluses outweight the minuses for now, and I'll wait for Pioneer to make a software patch to get it up to speed (literally).

Hey, if the video sucks, at least fast forward to the end, when you can hear my friend's joke.
And,I have to say, right now my favorite radio station is my iPod...with 6,000 songs on random shuffle, it builds great sets, connecting musical themes like the best disk jockey.

And I like all the songs. No wonder music radio is in a bit of trouble.

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