Sunday, June 1, 2008

Excerpt from a compelling book about shock jocks and hate talkers

This book by Rory O'Connor looks like a solid portrayal of at least one of these hate talkers, Michael Savage.

Check it here.

He's even got the Savage letter to Allen Ginsburg wanting to put a camera in Ginsburg's rectum and take photos.

Sure, some people change with age...but to go from a gay waiter to a gay hater...that's more than extreme. It's pretty clear from this short bio that Savage has some serious issues. But you already knew that.

Here's an excerpt that should be read to all the morons in the Sewage Nation:

In his first and only novel, Vital Signs, the protagonist (a fortyish Jew named Samuel Trueblood who shares many of Savage's biographical details) says, "I choose to override my desires for men when they swell in me, waiting out the passions like a storm, below decks." There are Savage's years with Ginsberg and Ferlinghetti, including a note to Ginsberg that read, "Watched a tourist from New Zealand taking pictures of Fijian people in the marketplace [and] thought of inserting my camera's lens in your A-hole to photograph the walls of your rectum." These days, his attitude is outright hostility, with, for instance, his continual assertion of a "homosexual mafia" trying to control the state of world affairs. Savage has also said that gay parenting is "child abuse" and that the sight of a gay couple "makes me want to puke."

Who were all those suckers who donated to his suit against the Arab group CAIR? The same type of lunatics who used to follow Jim and Tammy Bakker?


Bill Bowman said...

Did you hear that he's writing his autobiography? he said it will have no politics, just the stories of his growing up. I kinda doubt the "take a picture of your rectum" letter is going to be in it.

But I do hope he finally prints the lyrics to "White Man." That I'd love to see.

Golem Radio ??? said...

Bill you obviously love the show.
I am sure you will be first in line to buy it. Like some reverse Mind F%^$ You buy his swill you love to be the victim.Lyrics ?White Man ?what the hell are you talking about.
Kava Get Over your Love ,hate, Love For Savage. We know he is Alzheimer Ranting like a mental Patient. Think About it.
No One cares anymore.
He is Big In His Own Mind and Might have a Few Faithful Fans.Sewage Nation like A Radio Jerry Springer Show.Last time I listened he was begging for change like some Snakeoil salesmen. Edward G Robinson mixed with Don Knotts and Bam you have that Golem Savage.In modern Hebrew the word golem literally means "cocoon", but can also mean "fool", "silly", or even "stupid". .Next He Will Broadcast From A Florida Nursing Home for The Mentaly Challenged.
Radio? Who Listens to radio Now days..??????????