Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Alan Colmes: Rotato Host

I just heard the freshest thing I've heard on talk radio in a while, although apparently a lot of listeners weren't smart enough to pull it off.

On his nationally syndicated show, which I pick up on KSCO-AM (1080), Alan Colmes had a chain of listeners fill in for him while he nursed a sore throat. It started awkwardly, but blossomed into something as interesting as Ronn Owens lets listeners get on for 30 seconds and say whatever they want.

Colmes took the first call and then that caller became the host who would take the next call and on and on. Later he picked callers at random and had them interview each other to find out what they had in common...brilliant! Really felt like a slice of America, folks chatting on the porch.

Great stuff....fresh...different....a new twist on a format that can sometimes get as stale as week old news, and as predictable as a Sean Hannity rant.

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