Monday, May 5, 2008

Hell hasn't frozen over, but Savage got it right

He's slowly sounding more liberal, back to his 1960s purse-toting, gay-loving self, slamming Republican corruption and joining with animal rights groups.

I agree strongly with arch conservative Michael Savage's view of the Kentucky Derby and the shooting to death of the filly Eight Belles. Of course, Savage was reaching out of the box himself and agreeing with PETA.

I thumbed through 13 newspapers yesterday, including the New York Times, and never saw mention of how the young champion horse was killed.

Every story said it was "euthanized," implying that it was given some kind of humane lethal injection. Not one paper reported what probably happened: the horse was shot in the head, right there on the track, surrounded by drapes, so the public couldn't see.

Why wasn't the horse taken away by ambulance and treated, one wonders?

Some reports said that because both legs were broken, it couldn't make it into the truck.


Savage got the reason right: Insurance will pay for a prize horse that dies in a race on the track, but won't pay for an injured horse that has to be treated and won't race again.

It's all economics, as is this disgusting "Sport of Kings."

You think in a country where we can transplant a heart, that we can't repair a horse's broken legs and let it live a life grazing peacefully?

PETA notes that in Europe, horses aren't allowed to race until they are three and their bones have fully developed. In the States, they start at 18 months, making them more prone to injury.

Also: there were 20 horses crowded on the field. Why? More betting money.

I'm disgusted with American journalism for not telling its readers and viewers how the horse is "euthanized, " and even for using this euphemism. What happened to telling the truth, to reporting the full details?

If someone shot a bank teller in the head, would they call that euthanasia too?

Every newspaper in this country is running scared, afraid to offend its readers and more importantly, its advertisers.

With half-assed reporting like this, maybe we really won't miss newspapers when they are gone.

They are euthanizing journalism right before our eyes.


Anonymous said...

Can you cite a source regarding Eight Belles being shot rather than injected? I've not found any and hate to be basing an argument or position on a newly-minted urban legend.

Brad Kava said...

That's the point. I can't find a report anywhere of how she was killed, but the standard for horses is to shoot them in the head. How odd that not one periodical reported that.

Anonymous said...

Brad, perhaps it wasn't shot. A firearm at a crowded horserace isn't exactly safe. Esp when you have spectators on the track infield. Using a gun, one would think that people'd hear the pistol shot.

A couple of DVMs on random boards (i.e. Yahoo Answers for one) indicated it was probably a binary injection.

Notably, the injection euthanization came up as search hits when you include "shot" in the search field.

Anonymous said...

Brad, race horses are euthanized with a lethal injection of a barbituate that acts immediately. They are NEVER shot. Also, do to the physiollogy of horses there is no possibillity of saving a horse with the injuries Eight Belles had. If you want to find out more I suggest calling UC Davis, they are experts on this field.

Anonymous said...

You can't find a report anywhere? How hard did you look? Perhaps you only looked at paper sources, here from ESPN, I assume you'll take them as credible:

"In just a few minutes, the joy of the Derby and the promise of a new Triple Crown season were upended when Eight Belles was euthanized by injection on the track."

from a story credited to AP