Friday, May 30, 2008

Conservatives out of ideas?

I have to say I was loving listening to Rush Limbaugh yesterday, as he bashed his party's flag carrier John McCain, with the kind of vigor he usually saves for the Clintons.

McCain had offended the porker host by questioning the profiteering of telecommunications execs, an affront to those who claim there is a "free market," (not one that gets government boosts at every opportunity, something that McCain seems to understand).

I wanted to call in and say, "Rush, if this is the best your party can offer, what does that say about your party?"

But a great New Yorker piece said it for me. Check out "The Fall of Conservatism" here. It traces the roots of the current movement to Richard Nixon's attacks on the left, and shows that the current batch of conservatives, with their propaganda wing on radio, knows how to win elections far better than it knows how to govern.

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