Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Sean Costello, one of the great young bluesmen dies at age 28

I don't have the details yet, but I'm sad to learn from the Delta Groove Web site that Sean Costello died.

His recently released disc, "We Can Get Together" is a tour de force among young blues musicians. The beautiful thing about it is that it doesn't follow a formula, or have a slavish love for one genre or another.

It was recorded in Atlanta, using his hometown friends, and it wanders through the types of music bar bands there play, from rock to gospel to blues to country (young Lynyrd Skynyrd built a following there). The same bands built huge, eclectic repertoires, and Costello's disc showcases all of them.

The album was getting good reviews and Costello, who got his big public start backing Susan Tedeschi on her first disc, was scheduled for blues fests around the country.

I wrote the bio on the Delta Groove Web site, and, man, he was a pain to work for. But I relay that in the best sense. He was meticulous and went over every detail with a microscope. He kept apologizing for it, but I was happy to work with a musician who cared so much about the details, not to mention a younger guy who knew more about the blues than I do.

He also hung out with Levon Helm and dated his daughter Amy, musicians who added to his eclecticism.

Do me a favor: check out his music at Delta Groove
and/or his myspace
and leave a comment for a man who held a piece of the future of the blues.

Here is a last interview with Sean: click on A1 artist near the top.

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