Thursday, April 10, 2008

New York Times Praises Tony Lindsay; Slams Eddie Money

Jon Pareles of the New York Times today gave a glowing review to Carlos Santana's performance, and had these kind words for Tony Lindsay:

The band has skillful singers: Tony Lindsay leaning toward R&B, Andy Vargas rooted in salsa, although both of them sing in English and Spanish (and a few words of French). Yet its strongest voice is Mr. Santana’s guitar, which constantly asserts itself between vocal lines before taking over fully.

Then, in reviewing MTV's Rock the Cradle, the talent show for children of rock stars, they had this to say about Eddie Money:

Mr. Money turns out to be the most demanding presence on the show. “I’m a stage father, I just can’t help myself,” he explains. (What he doesn’t say is how he came to look vaguely like an old woman.)

One of the great mysteries of the world remains why children of successful singers — or actors, directors or microbiologists — don’t simply say to themselves, “You know, I think I’ll take up plumbing.” When, during a rehearsal, Mr. Money reprimands his daughter that she “blew the bridge” in her rendition of “When I’m Gone,” you hope she’s thought about graduate school.

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cradlewillrock said...

There do seem to be some talents on the show Lucy and Lara both - Jesse is most likely very moldable considering that his thing so far seems to be imitating others. What does everyone else think - does he have what it takes? lots of talk about how people llike Britney didn't really have the talent but did have the work ethic...just curious if anyone else is thinking about these things!