Friday, April 4, 2008

Darian O'Toole dead at 40

This news from the New York Daily News and San Francisco Press Club. O'Toole, who spent the bulk of her radio career in San Francisco, died in Oakland of respiratory failure.

She did time at Free FM, the Bone, and Big 98. She bombed out at her last job, at Free FM, in a broadcast that was widely circulated on the Internet, in which she was apparently drunk and falling asleep during an interview.

Her myspace is still up here.

You can read her blog here.

A Nova Scotia immigrant, born Karen Begin, she had fought cancer a few years ago. There is a touching note from her former KBIG partner, Shawn, here.

And y0u can hear her podcasts here.

And a note from one of my columns in Big Rick's blog here.

I'll miss Darian, who was one of really only a few women to crack radio's glass ceiling and make it onto a successful morning show. She was one of the people thought to be able to replace Howard Stern on CBS. I'm not even sure who is in that spot now.

She was as colorful on the way up as she was dramatic in her crash and burns.

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