Thursday, April 3, 2008

American Troops Abusing Iraqis, dogs and children: has this been a talk radio topic??

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John W said...


You post this video and portray all the Soldiers in Iraq as these types of people - and use this as reason to pull the troops out of Iraq. This is wrong. How hard would be to find five minutes of video showing Israelis doing horrible things and then imply that all Jewish people are this way? How about any University - do the same thing find five minutes worth of video and say shut this University down. If you want to argue whether or not we should be in Iraq – Great I have no problem with that, but use real reasons against it. Don’t show this video and implying that all our troops this way. These guys are jerks and will be punished for this stuff. Implying that all the troops are like this, is an insult to the thousands of troops who serve and have served this country with honor. Men and women who do jobs that scare the crap out of them daily and still they do it because they serve their country with honor. You can do better than this – this is crap.