Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Wonderful Footage of Little Walter Being Inducted to Rock Hall

Whites have taken so much from black culture that it's great to see one of the masters getting his due. Maybe this will help keep the legacy of one of the greats alive. Walter is on the back burner of so many mainstream listeners, but his legacy is honored by the likes of Carlos Santana (who used to check into hotels under Walter's name) and Eric Clapton.

This one brought a tear to my eye, I guess the way that the induction of Dave Clark would affect aficionados of the British Invasion.

An aside: I met Ben Harper early in his career, in 1995, when he was unknown in the US, but big in Japan. We did an interview and he gave me his home number and said that if I was ever killing time at 3 a.m., I should give him a call because he was bored waiting for flights to Japan at that hour.

A couple of albums later, he was huge everywhere.

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