Monday, March 10, 2008

Two views of another frivilous Michael Savage suit

Radio talk show host and cash hustler Michael Savage had a bad day in court Friday, as a California judge took a dim view of his suit trying to bar the Council for American-Islamic Relations from using a tape of four minutes of his show to collect donations.

The San Francisco Chronicle was the only local newspaper to bother to cover the suit, which Savage has funded with donations from 25,000 of his suckers, uh, listeners.

Read it here.

Then, blogger Bill Bowman picks up on the suit here, with some editorial positions.

Savage attorney Daniel Horowitz, who claimed to be a liberal, argued that CAIR violated the doctrine of fair use of copyright material, because it used it as an attempt to raise money.

U.S. District Judge Susan Illston of San Francisco leaned toward CAIR"s argument, which relied on a precedent set in San Francisco, where Hustler magazine sued Jerry Fallwell for using one of its cartoons for fundraising.

Savage often uses taped material on his show, in much the same way. While he doesn't link it to fundraising, there is constant fundraising on his show, for his lawsuit, and in the past, for the Paul Revere Society, the nonprofit he started that had its nonprofit status revoked and which has not publicly reported what happened to the nearly $1 million it raised.

Savage, who has no journalism training or backround, years ago sued the University of California when he was denied an interview to be the Dean of the School of Journalism. That suit was thrown out.

The biggest question here is, how could 25,000 people really have donated to this snake oil tent show hustler?

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Bill Bowman said...

Loosk like the judge issued her decision. Savage has one page up on his web site. There's a case managment session set for a couple of weeks.