Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Radio people are loving Elliot Spitzer's predicament

New York's governor, who got busted in a prostitution sting making arrangements with $4,500 hookers, had done a big payola investigation on New York radio stations.

So, it's only natural to hear jokes such as: "He really did know about pay for play."

And one local wag: "His defense? He was researching a book on hypocrisy in the prostitution biz."

According to Radio Ink blogger Tom Taylor, "Spitzer also put Emmis’ Hot 97, New York into the stocks for public humiliation in 2005, claiming that a stunt called “Smackfest” required a state license for promoting a combative sports contest. Hot 97 said the participants had signed waivers, but Spitzer kept the pressure on until Emmis wrote a $240,000 check to the state and a $60,000 check to the Safe Horizon community service group."

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