Tuesday, March 4, 2008

An Interesting take on Farid Sulemann's destruction of talk radio

Brian Maloney, in his Radio Equalizer blog, lists people calling for Farid Suleman's resignation as head of Citadel which aquired the healthy ABC radio chain last year and is now dismantling it for profits.

Suleman paid himself $17 million last year, at the same time that he is cutting his stations' budgets like a kangaroo with a weedwacker. And, let's not forget where he spent a fat chunk of change last year: on the poor man's Howard Stern, Don Imus. (Does anyone listen now that he's back?)

Those in Bay Area print media are seeing a similar cut in quality from the carpetbagger Media News head Dean Singleton, who is cutting the Mercury News and its sister papers into oblivion. At the rate he's going, the SF Chronicle will be the Bay Area's only daily.

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