Tuesday, March 18, 2008

High High Tech story in the LA Times


Only here can you hear the rest of the story, as Paul Harvey says.

I set this article up for my LA Times friend, introducing him to these two former Santa Clara County cops who have become private eyes....and are on the case of a mysterious UFO spotted not far from my home.

No, I didn't set up the drone picture. There are enough people who take the picture seriously to pay these guys to search for this mysterious telephone pole. Personally, I know what can be done with photo shop, and am skeptical.

Two of my favorite quotes got cut from Glionna's story by editors, (who are too often drones themselves).

One was TK Davis's theory of why UFO hunting is back in, with shows on the history channel and magazines devoted to them. He said that with all the controversy in hard news, and the way the country is split, UFOs provide some relief. Also, he said, they are aliens that no one is condemning.

And, there are all kinds of interpretations of what the writing on the drone says here.

My favorite had me laughing out loud: "All your base are belong to us." The editors-surprise- didn't get it.

The other speculations show there is great humor in the techie world (Invasion from planet Jiffy Pop; Martians for Obama).


PS: TK Davis tells me his website has had 1,000 hits already today; and the story was picked up by Good Morning America.

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Just thought you might enjoy looking over all the drone images..
Tommy and Frank have so much inspiration and are so inspired.. much more than any photoshop rationale..


When you add the above into the matter.. there are no easy answers.

Glad to know you are part of their friendship circle. These images and the last link will give you an idea of what kind of mystery this really is. Cheers :)