Thursday, February 7, 2008

Steve DiNardo and Chris Mays Gone From CBS

The big radio companies have been doing a bunch of head wacking this month, as radio, like every other business, faces what everyone but GW calls a recession.

CBS let go Steve DiNardo, who led Live 105 for two decades, and was one of the real good guys in the Bay Area. One can only imagine the battles he fought to keep the alternative music channel funded by the powers that be at CBS in New York.

Keep in mind, these are the guys who thought Howard Stern could be replaced by David Lee Roth, and that no one wanted to listen to classic or oldies rock anymore.

Under DiNardo Live 105 remained the signature alternative music station in the Bay, hosting the best radio concert (BFD) and doing something that almost seems archaic now: trying to find new music to play for young listeners and older ones who still had young hearts and ears.

He kept the station afloat through attacks by hip-hop and rap/rock until alternative came full circle back to what it started as: an alternative to commercial pap.

He also kept local voices on the air, hiring deejays who bond with the community.

Sadly, he learns the news after announcing that his wife is pregnant. But he's a good guy and someone here should scoop him up.

Chris Mays took over as program director at CBS's Alice radio less than two years ago, and helped steer the station that was plummeting, away from the rocks, updating the female-leaning music outlet.

She returns to Seattle, where she had already had great success.

Clear Channel and Entercom have also been laying off around the country. Anyone have local updates?

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