Monday, February 11, 2008

Monterey Rap/Rock Station 103.9 Bites the Dust

KMBY-FM (103.9) was killed off Friday by Mapleton Communications, which replaced it with a new country station called HANK.

The rap/rock experiment was an attempt to tap into a younger market that shares a taste in hip-hop and alternative rock, but it didn't grow, as the company had hoped.

And, for those with clock radios set today, the company made things confusing. It moved classical KBOQ-FM from 95.5 to 103.9 and debuted HANK on 95.5. Must have reaked havoc on those in the area for the Pebble Beach tournament.

Now Monterey has two country stations, including KTOM-FM (92.7), but no contemporary rock....and no LOVELINE.....

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Anonymous said...

And the signal for 103.9 is much weaker than 95.5 here in Gilroy. ARGH! Bad news for listeners to *both* stations.