Thursday, February 28, 2008

Michael "Savage" Weiner criticizes Barack Obama for not talking about his middle name?

Nationally syndicated Michael Savage, who hides his real last name, Weiner, spent a good deal of his show today questioning the fact that Barack Obama doesn't use his Muslim-based middle name.

"When you are talking to your liberal friends or in line at the grocery store, use his full name, Barack Hussein Obama," Savage told his audience.

Well, talk about the pot calling the kettle Muslim.

Here is Savage, a diminutive fellow with a Napolean complex, who hides his Jewish last name, claiming that Obama is hiding his. In fact, everyone knows Obama's middle name thanks to the attempts by conservative hate mongers to scare the public into thinking he's a Muslim terrorist.

But Savage keeps his well hidden. And his son, Russ Weiner, who owns Rockstar Energy drink, hides his ties to Savage, as he launches the drink in Mexico, the home of the illegals Savage hates.

Does Savage hide his real name because he fears that the anti Semitic hatemonger race baiters he preaches to will figure out he's one of the people they most hate? Is he afraid that after he's stirred them up against blacks, gays and immigrants, they'll turn on him next?

It's a great irony that this little smarmy guy who takes on a tough identity, is so appropriately named Weiner. It's the perfect image for the little weiner behind the curtain. This little guy is so hardly a savage, except in his caveman conman brain.

And the question those of us who track the conman keep asking: what happened to the $1 million he raised for the Paul Revere Society, which had its nonprofit status pulled by the government?

His attorney Daniel Horowitz assured me the reason that Savage had his nonprofit status yanked is benign. So where is the paperwork, Dan?

Maybe Cair can follow up on that in their defense against Savage's suit.

(Photos: the one of him groping wax Streisand was from Savage's website. He thought that was funny. The other one, is by a good critic,


Bill Bowman said...

Good points, all.

So his lawyer told you the reason he lost his 501(c)(3) status was "benign?" If it was so benign, why didn't he just tell you?

Another thing I'd like to see is the lyric sheet to Savage's copyrighterd song, "White Man." It's on file at the US Copyright Office in D.C., under his real name. I've been asking for him to send me permission to see it for a while now, but none has been forthcoming; mostly on my blog, but I believe I even emailed him at the very beginning.

Going to be interesting on March 7, when CAIR's motion to dismiss is heard.


Anonymous said...

Great article hate mongers like this need to be exposed and taken off the public air waves. Heaven forbid he was not talking about Muslims he would have been fired long ago. I cant understand how people who fought for Religious freedom and acceptance tolerate a person saying such hateful things in there name.

Gary Williams said...

Michael "Savage" Weiner ??!!?
Oh happy day! There really is a God, and his name is Kava!

Anonymous said...

Wow, you Liberals are worse than I thought. If you listen to his show at all, it is pretty apparent that he is Jewish, as he has stated it in the past. It is funny that in all aspects, you can judge other people on the same basis' that you loathe. One word, hypocrite, ie. Obama has experience but Palin does not. What a joke you people are.

Planetary Citizen said...

Savage exhibits narcissistic tendencies. Sometimes he even sounds like he’s caught up in his own clinically manic episodes. He’s definitely an egomaniac. Ever hear him go on and on with self-praise regarding his schlocky stories, or the way he praises his so-called jazz-inspired poems as the greatest (is it Beat-poet envy?) In addition to being a pretty unevolved being, he exhibits Small Weiner Complex. However, I support his right to broadcast his bulls@#t as along as he’s not inciting people to riot or worse.

Mycos said...

"Small Wiener Complex". Luv it! Fits nicely with that short-person behavior that often stems from an underlying panchromatic resonance or other highly ambient domain.

Shoulda realized this a long time ago! LOL