Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Little Walter, Dave Clark Five? to be inducted to the Rock Hall

There are signs that the bottom of the barrel is getting scraped....Whitesnake can't be too far away.

But it's nice to see Little Walter honored, even if the harmonica player who died at 37 in 1968 is a blues man. Dave Clark Five...I dunno. That's a clear sign that the Partridge Family could go in next year, or maybe the Monkees.

Walter, btw, had the best selling blues song of all time, 1952's "Juke."

Others being honored include Madonna, John Mellencamp, Gamble and Huff, the Ventures and Leonard Cohen.

Here's a video of Little Charlie doing "Juke." News flash: that band will soon feature San Jose's Kid Anderson replacing Charlie on guitar.

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Anonymous said...

The Dave Clark 5 competed head to head with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones in the mid 60's. I don't think comparing them to the Partridge Family is valid. They were not another manufatured group. Were you even around back then? Are you familiar with any of their music?