Wednesday, February 13, 2008

dumbest talk radio moments of the day

Rick Roberts, a San Diego Rush wannabe, attacked Ted Kennedy today, for his stance against waterboarding.

"What does Ted Kennedy know about protecting this country?" this backbiter asked. "He's lived behind gates and in limos his whole life. What does he know about losing a loved one, like the people in 9/11 did?"

Uhhh, Dumbo. The guy's two brothers were gunned down in the streets of the U.S. by domestic terrorists, before we called them that. You think maybe that qualifies him to understand violence and mayhem?

Yesterday's dumb moment came on Gene Burns's KGO evening show, when Burns was too kind to a caller who was clearly insane.

The woman was talking about a program begun in Santa Cruz called neighborhood watchdog in which gangs and politicians were rousted and kicked out...and corrupt politicians were outed and put in jail...

She foamed at the mouth and went on and on...and Burns was taking her at her words, instead of realizing she had as much credibility as the Stephen King guy.

I was surprised this veteran didn't boot her right away, but I guess that comes with being a gentleman and taking people at their word....even when the words don't add up.

You hear anything wacky today???


Kevin said...

Can't say I heard anything awful today, but I've heard that idiot from San Diego before.

He uses "San Fran-Sicko" to refer to the whole Bay Area, and told someone last summer that he didn't want help from firefighters from up here because we're all a bunch of perverts.

Anonymous said...

Thank the media for that. They've given us that reputation for decades now, so that whole weird, hippie-drug-addicted-perverse-goth-stench types flock over here.