Friday, February 29, 2008

The Doghouse Back? JV and Elvis, fired everywhere else, hit the web

First they tried to land a job in Bay Area radio by trashing the other morning hosts.

Now, they are trying by trashing radio.

The Doghouse sent a press release to fans saying they are "back," which to them means they are broadcasting on the Internet, like a million other nerds.

No word on whether they got a $500 million Howard Stern like signing bonus.

Yeah, guys, I want fries with that.

Here's the release:

Hello Friends, This is your official invite to join The Doghouse as we set a new trend in broadcasting. We have just signed a major deal with a company that dominates the internet when it comes to delivering Rich Media. We have always thought of ourselves as more than just "radio guys"...we are entertainers.

Now we will have the
opportunity to broadcast Multimedia...that means combining Radio, TV, and the Net, and presenting content in ways that have never been done. We will also deliver LIVE EVENTS and EVENTS ON DEMAND.

We all know that the Internet is the future, not only for broadcasting, but
for all entertainment. Last year, when regular Radio saw its worst year ever in terms of audience listenership and ad revenue, the internet exploded yet again. Analysts predict that radio will never return to what it once was.

The Internet has now become THE PRIMARY PLACE that people go to get their
"daily fix" of entertainment. It's where they go for videos, celebrity gossip, music, uncensored and non-FCC controlled radio, and now TV. Yes, it is estimated that more than 45% of people now watch TV online.

The bottom line is...we have broadcast our show on regular Radio for many
years. We were one of the major success stories that set records in our field. But regular Radio is no longer an outlet for talent that wants to broaden it's horizons or speak freely to it's audience. It's time for a new chapter.

We have spent the past 8 months or so putting this concept together. It is
new. It is exciting. It is us!!!

Listen. Watch. Experience Multimedia

We turn on the new 24 Hour station at 8AM (PST) on Monday March 3. This is
a "soft launch" for friends and loyal fans. The official open is coming soon.

The Dog house will do a show together at 8AM (PST). Elvis will do a solo show at 2PM. And JV will do a solo show at 7PM (PST). In the future we will add more talent to our network. And we will broadcast multiple channels, as part of our new deal with Blinko TV is to scout and develop programming.

I hope you will join us as we explore and create in this new and unique venture. Cheers, JV and Elvis (The Dog House) ====================

Hard Facts About Regular Radio: Radio Association Of Broadcasters (RAB)- Reported January 3rd that "national radio revenues slipped off the competitive edge of the advertising world. National radio revenues for all markets fell 15% during the 4th quarter in 2007"Š.continuing the downward slide of the previous months.

Radio & Records- "With Radio's significant decline in 2007...the first full year forecast in 2008 projects a decline of 40 basis points...we also predict a significant decline in core advertising in 2008."

Hard Facts About The Internet
BILLBOARD Magazine- "Time spent listening to Online Radio was up 26% in 2007 over the previous year. Listening hour analysis by Accustream reports that internet radio logged 4.85 BILLION listening hours in 2007ŠTotal listening hours averaged 404.2 Million hours each month in 2007."

BUSINESS WEEK Magazine- "In a survey released May 23, radio researcher
Bridge Data estimates there are only 450,000 weekly listeners to HD Radio, compared with 15 million satellite subscribers..." the report goes on to say that the internet is pulling a staggering 57 MILLION listeners a week. These numbers tell us that over 1 in 5 people now listen to Internet Radio.

BIZREPORT.COM- "45% of persons worldwide watch some form of Television on
the internetŠInternet users say they prefer online broadcasting because of convenience and fewer commercials..." and "... over 66% of online consumers log on daily for entertainment from the internet"

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