Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Channel 7 news breaks details of Bernie Ward case

Reporter Dan Noyes did something local newspapers or radio didn't bother to do. He drove to Oakdale to get the police report in the Bernie Ward case.

(How sad that so much of the local media just fails to do basic leg work, or won't spend the gas money.)

It's ugly. You can read his report and his blog here.

The gist of it is that Ward was having a long role-playing conversation with a woman and sent pictures that included one of a woman and two nude children, and others of children having or pretending to have sex.

Channel 7's legal reporter said that the transcripts looked bad for Ward, debunking his claim of writing a book. But it seems the opposite is true. Role playing and trying to investigate how people respond seems like book fodder.

Read the report....what do you think??

An odd aside: the ad on the Channel 7 website, in between photos of Ward and talk of child porn, is for a Disney show...


AJ said...

Isn't channel 7 an ABC affiliate? Isn't ABC owned by Disney? What did you think was going to be shown?

Brad Kava said...

yeah..but still...child porn and disney ads don't mix well

Anonymous said...

Why would "role playing" include posting fantasies about your OWN children? Also, the woman that Ward chatted with clearly told him not to do anything to his children while Ward continued to indicate that he would be willing to do so if she ordered him to; it seems like she is the opposite of the kind of person Ward would be "investigating", does it not? If Ward did write this (and that has not been denied) I'm stunned that he's still alowed to be around his children in any capacity.

Anonymous said...

I agree with anonymous. Why would Ward continue to research, even as this woman was telling him to put a lock on his bathroom door, and not to stand up so his children wouldn't see his "indecency"?

I consider myself a liberal minded person. The only reason I have ever listened to Michael Savage is for entertainment. The same goes for Ward. They are on opposite sides of the same coin... in that they both (clearly) have their skeletons.

Anonymous said...

By the way Brad, I am a former student of yours- Rachel Routon. And, I am very interested in your take on the comments left on this post, (and your most recent post) by anonymous.

Also, hope all is well with you. I am hoping to start up some more of your classes next Fall.