Saturday, February 16, 2008

Bernie Ward/Michael Savage Discussions

For you non Bay Area readers who are making hits to this site score on searches for liberal talk host Bernie Ward and the child porn charges against him, here's a site filled with Bay Area radio people, who often offer interesting insights into local radio.

It's the Google group, BA

And you can read the full text of Ward's police report at
which really is one of the best things to happen to the Internet. Nothing beats getting primary source material and judging for yourself.

The Ward transcripts are lurid and shocking, and reading his supposed fantasy accounts of having sex with his children and wanting to do so with neighbors almost dims hope for his defense that he was writing a book.

One post on BA Broadcast offers one thread though. It claims the woman he was writing to may be a regular caller to Ward's God Talk show who was an adamant and strict supporter of the Catholic Church. Maybe that would validate his claim that he was trying to show hypocrisy.

The other abnormality here is that if Ward was a threat to his children, why didn't police take him out of his home and investigate the complaint instead of leaving him there for three years. As a poster points out, they grab Internet predators and arrest them for a lot less on the show "To Catch a Predator."

I've got one source who says that part of the holdup was that Ward's case was investigated in Washington, D.C., because Ward's kids here had ties to the kids of the local Federal prosecutor, Kevin Ryan, one of nine U.S. prosecutors fired by George Bush in 2007, and who now heads the Mayor's Office of Criminal Justice.

I haven't seen that in print yet.

The most popular search bringing people here has been prompted by Michael Savage, who has spent two shows reading the Ward charges, despite the fact that many of his rational callers asked him not to inflict the details on them.

Savage worked with Ward at KGO for a while and they hated each other. To be fair, almost every other host there hated Savage, and they showed it when one of them filled a hat Savage left on his desk with urine. They asked for a wall to be built around Savage so they wouldn't have to hear his loud mouth.

One can't blame him for dealing with the subject, if only because if the shoe were on the other foot, Ward would treat the man he called the "reichmeister" the same way.

There is an interesting BA Broadcast post claiming that an earlier poster who worked at a video rental shop, issued posts about Savage renting lurid videos about anal sex by the armload.

This may or may not be true, but it is certainly backed up by the graphic descriptions of wanting to have anal sex with poet Allen Ginsberg that Savage wrote , which are on file at the Stanford library.

For more on that, check this great profile of Savage on

It's funny how some of the people who scream the loudest against gay rights, Larry Craig, for example, have a hidden history of their own.

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Anonymous said...

The theory that "Sex Fairy" was an avid caller to Ward doesn't hold up for me...he gives her enough info in the chat that if she was familiar with his show there would be no doubt who she was chatting with (he makes mention of himself being a former priest in the conversation, he goes by his middle name, which anyone familiar with his radio shows would know-I was a very casual listener on Sunday mornings and even I knew his middle name, makes mention of his children, which he frequently does on his radio shows, etc). Additionally, this woman does not seem like the target for a book on hypocrisy as she continually tells Ward not to do anything to his kids (this is especially clear at one point when he mentions that his daughter has walked in on his while he sits, with an erection, at the computer console). What doesn’t make sense to me: Why the police would allow Ward to be around his children? Also I’ve always found Ward to be a bully on his show, but I never thought him to be a stupid man, and these are the actions of a VERY stupid man.