Thursday, January 24, 2008

Ward Gets June Trial Date

"This is a tough story for us to cover,'' KGO newsman John Bristow told listeners today at the San Francisco Federal Courthouse, where KGO host Bernie Ward got a June 10 trial date on charges of downloading and distributing child pornography.

Ward commented on air, saying that the law made no distinctions about why he had the pornography, which he said was part of research for a book.

"The government acknowledged I was writing a book; it acknowledged I have no criminal record; it acknowledged I had no pornography on my computer and I've never done it before," said Ward, who could face a mandatory five years in prison if convicted.

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Mike said...

This really sucks. No matter how it comes out, it will be hard to live this down, given how little regard right wing radio has for truth. I'm so glad to hear that Mickey Luckoff is living up to his excellent reputation, because the station has otherwise shown a disturbing lack of support. Of course, that could be due to higher-ups ordering "totally no comment" being given. It's obvious that someone is going by the letter of the law just because they can. I hope it comes back to bite them in the ass.