Thursday, January 31, 2008

Rush Limbaugh finally taking some heat from his own party

There was a call to Rush Limbaugh's show today that should be taped and played repeatedly.

A soldier called, saying he supported McCain and asking Limbaugh to stop dividing the party and attacking him.

In a move of total spin, Limbaugh said that he sympathized with the solider who had to endure attacks by peace activists, ignoring the fact that the soldier was blaming Limbaugh for attacking his candidate.

Then, he lambasted McCain for reaching out to the other side, calling them "evil."

This from a guy who claims that Republicans want to unite the country, but Democrats can only divide. Limbaugh is the king of dividing this country and his ilk follow along. His whole schtick is Republicans good, Democrats evil and he never gives it a rest.

After repeatedly slamming John McCain and praising Mitt Romney, Rush Limbaugh has been taking his medicine from Republicans supporting the war vet after his victory in Florida.

Almost all of Limbaugh's show Wednesday was devoted to media references of his and his candidate's defeat. But the most annoying thing he said had to do with Tom Brokaw.

Limbaugh admitted his bias against McCain, but said that Brokaw wouldn't admit his biases, "which we all know if you read between the lines."

Therein lies the whole problem between the talk screamers, FOX and real journalism: they don't believe that a journalist CAN be objective. I do, however. If they are trained in being truly fair and balanced, they can present news that way, despite personal balances.

As a journalist, I even worried about voting, for fear that it would skew my reporting. I tried continually to make sure that both sides got fair treatment, to the point of counting words to make sure each side got the same space.

Now, Limbaugh isn't a journalist, he's a commentator, so no one expects fairness from him. But I don't think all of the media is as skewed.

Meanwhile, here's a great example of how FOX TV tried to manipulate the election, throwing its hat in with Rudy Giuliani, trying to make that little man seem bigger than life, with the "America's Mayor" tag----like Michael Jackson calling himself "the King of Pop."

(And a great Eric Boehlart column here:

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Robert Holmgren said...

Sure Fox promoted Rudy, but is any different over at CNN or large portions of MSNBC? And yet you seem totally unconcerned with those you, Mr. objective journalist.