Wednesday, January 23, 2008

In honor of Bernie Ward, I give you this website that documents Bush lies

If Bernie were on the radio, he'd be railing about this, and would have the right to say I TOLD YOU SO.

Almost everyone else on talk radio either fell for the lies or propogated them willingly, but Ward and Ray Taliafero fought on the right side, against the tide.

Here's the site:

Does anyone else remember the early days of the war, when radio reports were filled with news about how they were finding weapons and labs in ice cream trucks and bunkers?

I wish I had those on tape to play now. The media...almost all of it....really let us down.

And losing voices like Ward's will hurt more than we can know.

As some have said: nothing is easier to manipulate than a public that doesn't even know it's being manipulated.

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Brig said...

Ward and Taliafero should be put in jail for hte rest of their lives.
They are both perverts and those that take away the innocence of the children.
They both must go.
Do not support their sponsors if they have any.