Saturday, January 12, 2008

413 Global Warming Denying "Scientists" debunked

Here' s a story that looks into the credentials of the supposed scientists who have signed a petition denying global warming. The petition has been a big topic on the talk shows of fellow deniers such as Rush Limbaugh, the Sewage Nation, Bill Wattenburg etc.

Read it here.

The list includes 44 TV weatherman, those ground breaking edge cutters of technology; 20 economists; 84 who are on the payroll of the fossil fuel industry and a bunch with no credentials. This is the kind of report sanctioned by a government headed by a mediocre student who could trick an unquestioning public into fighting a war in Iraq, when the enemies were in Afghanistan and Saudi Arabia.

So crank up those SUVs; forget about the environment and lets keep racing toward doomsday.

PS: this is what great journalism is all about. Taking the time to do the research. Congrats to AOL's

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