Thursday, December 6, 2007

Ever Inaccurate Michael Savage revels in Bernie Ward's arrest

(images: Michael Savage, carrying a purse and hanging with Alan Ginsburg in the 60s , and today)

Savage had some good taste, saying he prayed Ward was innocent for the sake of Ward's "five children." (He has four.)

Then, he played the song "Thank Heaven for Little Girls"...bad taste..

But how can people ever trust him?

Yesterday he claimed the Omaha shooter was black and that the press wouldn't release his name the same way they would for a white shooter.

The shooter was white. Savage never corrected or retracted that falsehood. He has a picture of the man on his website, but again, never corrects the lie he put out on the airwaves Wednesday.

And, he's continually trying to raise money for his lawsuit against CAIR, but never says what happened to the $900K he raised for his Paul Revere Society, which has had its tax exemption pulled by the IRS. Why isn't he using that to fund his case?

Why hasn't the IRS or the State Attorney General Jerry Brown filed charges? If I were late on my tax filings, I'd bet I'd hear about it. It always struck me as strange that Savage, a conservative, donated $5,600 to the liberal Brown's campaign.

How do Savage fans listen to this tripe day after day and never call him on it??

Today on his site, Savage has KGO-AM and he broadcast a KCBS-AM podcast on the air. Isn't this he same thing he's suing CAIR for: appropriation of his broadcast content? Is this any less fair use than CAIR's use of his content?

Then, ever classless, he spent time trying to get a Las Vegas restaurant owner to get him a reservation for after the fight Saturday and promising to give them free publicity. How sleazy can he get and how can stations allow him to broadcast this garbage?


Harvey said...

Ah the (rather stupid) people that listen to Michael Savage and Rush Limbaugh believe only what they want to believe. They don't question the accuracy of what they hear on those programs or any other right wing radio...only that of the mainstream media.

Of course the same thing could be said about those lefties who get their information and philosophy of life from lunatics like Bernie Ward and Ray Taliafaro. The left can frequently be equally as goofy as the right in my most humble and ancient opinion.

Savage is truly a jerk though! I would sooner listen to someone scratching on the blackboard than than mean spirited, creepy a-hole!

Bill said...

Savage talks out of both sides of his mouth. On the radio, he's "praying" for Ward, while on his Web site, he prints this: "Left Wing Bigmouth Bernie "Whored" of KGO Indicted on Child Porn."

And you're right, Savage has three instances of what he himself would characterize as copyright infringement relating to the Ward case alone. Savage says that 20 seconds is the threshold; all three of those clips he has are longer than 20 seconds.

Phoenix said...

"Yesterday he claimed the Omaha shooter was black "

I heard early news reports say the samething.

Matt Clark said...

Come on guys... Savage has done a public service by pointing at that fat slob / child-preditor Bernie Ward...and all you can do is wallow in (very) small minded 'topics' and crow... 'Savage said this'... 'Savage said that'. All unsubstantiated. ...And you claim Savage's audiance is dumb?? Ha!

Well have fun. If you're lucky maybe at least 10 people have read your hypocritical rant....meanwhile millions of people listen to Savage every day. And your 'notion' that 'right wingers' never question him only tells everyone that you've never listened to Savage for more than five minutes. Wake up someday.

From a mile away guys.