Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Clear Channel Clears Staff and Wants More Stations

Clear Channel, the San Antonio radio conglomerate that owns more stations than anyone else, fired a dozen people in its San Francisco office, including KNEW-AM/KKGN program director Bob Agnew.

It also cut costs by cutting heads in Chicago and Honolulu.

The company has petitioned the FCC to raise from 8 to 10 the number of stations in a market a company can own. Cut staff, raise monopolies. Great for business.

But the company, whose founder Lowery Mays strongly encourages his managers to donate to Republican causes (reminding them of their expected tithes in quiet conversations at his Christmas parties), is under pressure in the waning days of the Bush administration to get his big business bigger.

Company CEO Mark Mays, who promised the deal to take CC private by the end of 2007, has failed to deliver on that, moving the deadline now to June. These are people who can't be happy with the growing tide of Democrats in office.

At least right winger Rupert Murdoch, who is supporting Hillary Clinton, has the sense to put some eggs in the other basket, although I think he's doing that because he knows she can't win and another Dem might be able to.

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AJ said...

CC wants MORE radio stations??? What, local radio isn't bad enough as it is? De-regulation is the worse thing that's every happened to radio, bar none.