Thursday, December 6, 2007

Bernie Ward Indicted on Federal Child Pornography Charges

I heard the shocking news about evening host Bernie Ward this afternoon on KGO-AM (810), like most people, and heard Operations Manager Jack Swanson say he was shocked and couldn't comment.

The federal indictment is sealed and Ward, 56, turned himself into authorities today.

The KGO report quoted Ward's agent and attorney saying that Ward was researching a book four years ago, the same defense used by the Who's Pete Townshend when he was arrested for possessing child pornography.

Ward is a former priest, an educator at San Jose's Jesuit-run Bellarmine Preparatory School, and the host of the Sunday morning "God Talk" show. His nightly KGO show is heard from 10 p.m. to 1 a.m.

Afternoon host Gil Gross, who sounded upset, told listeners he knew no more about it then he heard on the news.


PlainJane said...

I am so IRATE!! Bernie is the BEST that KGO has. All of his fans need to contact their Fed reps, to remind them of the Constitution. Let's organize a strong show of support. Bring Bernie Back.

jay said...

the charge is troubling and even more troubling is, the defence attorney representing Ward did not deny Bernie ever downloaded the child pornographic images. saying that Bernie downloaded the images for "research for a book" is weak. furthermore, according to the defence attorney, it has been more than 3 yrs ago but where is the book and what is the book? nonetheless, i hope we have an expedited trial such that we know what really happened. i am reserving my judgement on Ward's innocent or guilt until after the trial.

Mike Stewart said...

plainjane I don't think you should be so least yet. The constitution does not give anyone the right to view and trade child pornography (which I remind you involves the exploitation, rape and torture of minors!). Let's wait and see what the evidence shows. I suspect that if it was Rush Limbaugh or Michael Savage that faced similar charges you would be calling for their immediate censoring and banning for life, if not their execution! Let's not forget the liberal furor over Don Imus' s mere bad choice of words...far less serious than what Bernie is charged with!

jay is right...those charges are very troubling and I suspect where there is smoke there is fire...but that will be for a jury to decide, won't it?