Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Bernie Ward Defense Fund and a Column

Here is the link to a page administered by Ward's former producer on the God Talk show, Lynne Sloan and parts of a column being syndicated later in the week, including a phone conversation with Ward.

First off: KGO operations manager, Jack Swanson, acknowledged that the station isn't talking about Ward, who is suspended.

"I understand if you view that as hypocritical,” he said Monday.

Ward was home this week, in shock, feeling like he was in “lock down” and that he had little support.

He said in a phone interview that he wished he had a chance to give his side of the story on his radio show.

“All I would ask is why?” he said. “I’m not accused of being a predator. I wasn’t producing or manufacturing it. I didn’t pay for it, and obviously with the three-year wait, I’m not a danger to anyone.”

When he told prosecutors that he was writing a book, he says, they acknowledged that and that he was doing research. But it didn’t affect their decision to prosecute, the way it would, say, a murder suspect, who could get first or second degree homicide charges based on his intent.

There have been other cases of journalists running into problems with the law for investigating child porn, including former New York Times reporter Kurt Eichenwald who downloaded images and wrote an expose on a child porn ring, and testified against them, but wasn’t prosecuted himself.

Some have suggested that if Ward were writing a book, he should have worked first with the U.S. Attorney’s office, but as a journalist doing research, it wasn’t something that he considered.

“I’ve tried to live my life by not hurting anyone,” said Ward, who turned down a plea bargain proposal for him to take five years in jail. “I keep hoping for common sense to win out.”

Ward has been replaced by the station on his shows the past week, but he is still employed. He has a huge audience that has rushed to his support, some fearing a plot by conservatives to silence him, others waiting to see what happens in a trial.

I’m a Ward fan, although we have had our run-ins. He’s been one of the only voices on the commercial airwaves for left-wing politics.

He was a consistent critic of the war in Iraq and was one of the earliest to report such things as Blackwater’s involvement in the war.

I have trouble believing that the government would target him, but I had trouble believing that it would file a case against the Duke lacrosse players if they weren’t really guilty.


sam van zandt said...

I don't believe these charges against Bernie. I've known him for 20+ years as a decent family man.
The judicial process will leave him under a shadow of doubt, then move on. This is an injustice.

Sam Van Zandt

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I'd love to show my support to Mr. Ward, but, one, that support website you posted is no good, and two, more likely that e-mail I've for him is corrupted.

PocketTens said...

“All I would ask is why?” he said. “I’m not accused of being a predator. I wasn’t producing or manufacturing it. I didn’t pay for it, and obviously with the three-year wait, I’m not a danger to anyone.”

You don't have to be a predator to be guilty of possessing and distributing child pron. It also does not matter if you were producing or manufacturing the material. And obviously the fact that Bernie Ward didn't pay for the child porn is totally irrelevant. And the three years it took for the Justice Dept to build its case is irrelevant to whether or not Ward may or may not be a danger.

Personally, if he was sending out this filth to others online, I think he should go to jail. No legitimate research calls for DISTRIBUTION. Sorry, Bernie, but you should have taken the plea deal.

jd said...

Bernie has promoted Marxist Communism for many years; he detests conservatives, Christians, Capitolsm and the US Constitution, I know, I've heard him for years on the radio - his gravelly voice voicing every basic tenet of the freedoms the Constitution and Capitolsm have given him and all of us.
It isn't a surprise that he confesses to the distribution of child porn. I can write about heroin without shooting up so we must assume he wanted to see the actual images, simply knowing that children can have sex the same way adults can wasn't enough for him. He clearly wanted to see underage children engaging in sex. Do we know if these were male or female children? It's more logical they were of males IMHO.
KGO has a history of criminal hosts, suicides, swindlers (suicide and swindler KGO host Duane Garrett, Radio Host and Al Gore fund raiser), and a prgram director who was fired at (Jim Dunbar)now a pedophile, a self-described progressive (international code word for Communist) and former Catholic priest.
What else is new?

jd said...

BTW, Sam van Zandt says he doesn't believe the charges against Ward... even though Ward has admitted they are true...
What reason would Ward have to admit to a crime that can put him away for many years? Whats his angle, advantage of being in prison? Does he have a special "reason" for being surrounded by men for decades?

Anonymous said...

I was just reading a discussion about Bernie's predicament in which he was lambasted as indeed not having "good intentions" regarding his claim about trying to entrap a pedophile. Well, I used to watch a TV show, I believe it was called "to Catch A Predator," in which I and I'm sure millions of others considered the entrapment ploys used on that show as being "good intentioned" and in fact commendable. True, those entrapments were orchestrated with foreknowledge of the police, but nonetheless, the bottom line is that a girl would "pretend" to be interested in a pedophile's advances in order to trap him, which was supposedly Bernie's intent as well.