Saturday, November 17, 2007

What's Wrong with KGO and ABC News These Days?


Especially on the weekends, when I depend most on radio news, I'm hearing really badly written and reported items.

Today at 11 a.m., an ABC news reporter on the national ABC news on KGO-AM (810) was talking about the case of a police officer who had apparently murdered his wife. She was found "drownded" the reporter said.

DROWNDED???? OW. And it sounded like English was her first language.

Then in the local news, reporter Jenna Lane told the story of a Santa Cruz area hotel where as many as 1,000 people were sickened by some kind of virus. BUT, she never named the hotel.

Why report the story then? It really doesn't give the information we need, which is a trend I've noticed on weekends there. Half-reported stories presented more as filler than for giving listeners news they can use.

(The Santa Cruz Sentinel, which phoned every restaurant in the county, notes that Sanderlings Restaurant in Aptos has been closed since Wednesday and was undergoing a thorough cleaning. The County Health Dept wouldn't confirm the name of the closed restaurant, but a Sanderlings employee confirmed it for the newspaper. Sanderlings is part of the exclusive Seascape resort.)

I'll call news director Paul Hosley Monday to find out what's going on.

Have you heard any more of these flubs I should ask about???? Post them here.


Pam Coulter, the ABC reporter answered this little blog. I give her great respect for stepping up. I made an error reporting "drownded." She said "drownding," but as an accidental slip of the tongue, not because she thought that was the word...

(Here in California, I hear people say "broughten" for brought and I once heard "shoave" as the past tense of shove, so I was worried that that stuff was creeping into the most educated demographic.)

Hey, this immediate Internet feedback is keeping us all honest....

here's her note...

I was alerted to your blog because I was the anchor of the 2pm ET ABC newscast on Saturday. Here is the exact wording of the story mentioned in your critique:

"A nationally known medical examiner has examined the body of the third wife of former Chicago police officer Drew Peterson and concluded she was MURDERED. Kathleen Savio's death was originally ruled an accidental DROWNING. Her father Nick Savio said the new findings bring them some comfort…

Savio cut :12 OQ: behind bars
Peterson's fourth wife has been missing for more than two weeks."

I listened to the air check of the newscast, and I said MURDERED, not DROWNDED. However, as I was reading, I did add a "d" sound to the word DROWNING, making it sound like DROWNDING. It was completely inadvertent, and things like that sometimes happen in live radio. It was more of a "slip of the lip" than a grammatical error. I would hate to think my English skills brought dishonor on the excellent public schools I attended or Cornell University.

Thanks for listening!
Pam Coulter

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vlcktg said...

Right on Brad! Jondi Gumz's half-reported story about the "hotel restaurant" (which I can confirm is Sanderlings at Seascape Resort)wasn't only half-reported, it was falsely reported. Most of her facts aren't even true. For example, the County Health Department is still investigating the stomach flu outbreak, and there is no evidence that it was caused by a food-borne illness, as Gumz has carelessly reported. In fact, the County Health Department has instead reported that it was most likely caused by human-to-human contact. This means that someone eating at Sanderlings restaurant or staying at/attending a conference at the resort could have spread it to others there. Whomever the direct cause was, this story is being overly-hyped and sensationalized by a desperate, news-hungry media, and Gumz herself is guilty of reporting falsities. Someone was sick with the flu and it spread to others, who were sick for a day and have now recovered. Similar illnesses have been reported at the Aptos-Seascape Golf Course Banquet Facilities recently, and happen all the time on Cruise Ships and in schools. Sanderlings and the Seascape Resort have been completely sanitized at the County Health Dept's direction, and have opened back up to the public. Also, the County never closed the restaurant down in the first place. Instead, Seascape decided to voluntarily close for investigation after learning of the illnesses. Everything is now back up and running and there were two very nice weddings overlooking the ocean at Seascape Resort today. Google, the company that I work for, is currently at the resort for a conference. Everything is fine at the Resort, except for the fact that the Seascape Resort's image has been slandered by the presumptuous media who is guilty of doing poor research. If Seascape's reputation and business are affected, I suggest a defamation lawsuit against Ms. Gumz and her inaccurate reporting. I am sick of unbalanced, biased, unfair, and inaccurate reporting-- not to mention typos and grammar mistakes!! These people need to be held accountable for their inacurracies and false reporting. Thank you Brad for recognizing Kumz's half-story and poor reporting!